zondag 4 juli 2010

Shopping time, finally!

I finally convinced my mom to go to Breda with me to go shopping for a summer wardrobe. Go me! I already started to make a list of things I really need. The list so far:

A few tanktops/longtops

Long cardigan, grey, blue, black

Chain Handle Bag, probably from Zara or Primark

Lots of thights, because I keep ripping them after two days

A casual black blazer

Some dresses, I had to promise my mom I wouldn't buy anymore floral dresses, I already have two.. But they're so pretty!

A few long necklaces

Black socks

And that's it so far, I'm sure I have forgotten a lot, but okay.

I hope they'll still have this one at Primark, I'm in love! This will look so good with a simple black outfit or dress. But I'll also by a black one of this, ofcourse.

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